If you are convicted of a first time DUI, the minimum penalties require that you be adjudicated guilty (i.e. that you have a permanent criminal record), that you serve 12 months of probation, that you pay a $500.00 fine, perform 50 hours of community service, complete the DUI school (click here for more information on the class: floridasafety.org), complete the victim awareness panel, that your vehicle be impounded for 10 days, and that your license be suspended for six months. These are the minimum penalties.

If it is reported that you blew above .15, then the minimum fine is $1000.00, and you must have an ignition interlock device placed on your vehicle for at least 6 months. This is also true if you are convicted of DUI while having a minor in the vehicle.

Based on the above, you can see it is very important to hire a competent qualified lawyer. A skillful lawyer can have you found not guilty, the charges dismissed or the charges reduced to a lesser offense such as reckless driving. All of these are beneficial to you so you can avoid the egregious minimum penalties above, and protect you from having a permanent record. Call: (407) 865-8888.

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