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I violated my probation - what now?

If you are on probation and the probation officer asserts that you violated your probation they can arrest you, or apply to the judge for a warrant for your arrest. If the probation officer arrests you it is likely that you will not have a bond set. In order to get a bond so you can be released from jail pending a hearing on the alleged violation of probation, you will have to get a hearing before the judge after having a motion to set bond filed.

Also, if you are on probation, and are arrested for allegedly committing a new crime, the jail/law enforcement will immediately inform the court and you will be held without bail. Once again, in order to be released pre-hearing, you have to file a motion to set bond and have a hearing on this matter. Call our office for a free consultation. 407-865-8888.

If you are on sex offender probation, were placed on probation for traveling to meet a minor, and a violation of probation is alleged, it becomes more difficult to get a bond. In some cases, the court is prohibited from setting a bond under what is known as the anti-murder act. Do not feel disheartened. My office will get you through this. We often exceed expectations.

Furthermore, if you are on probation for a conviction for a violent felony offense, or it is alleged that you are in violation of your probation for committing a violent felony offense, it is likely that you will not be given a bond due to the anti-murder act. With that said, you may be eligible for a bond. But in order to get one, we will have to file a motion requesting a hearing where the Court will decide if you are a danger to the community.

Probation is difficult to complete. You may not be on as serious of probation as those stated above. You may be on probation for Driving Under the Influence, Driving While License Suspended, Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Cocaine, Xanax, and/or Oxycodone, petit theft or another less serious offense. If this is the case, you could still be held without bond pending a hearing. Call us so we can get you out.

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