White Collar Crime

If you’re facing charges of fraud or a different white collar crime, it is imperative that you contact an experienced attorney who can devote the time and attention your case needs. Increasingly intrusive government regulations have made it easier to fall on the wrong side of the law. Our legal team is prepared to devise the best plan of action to navigate through any snake pit of complex charges. Due to the length of investigation on fraud cases, it is vital to get a jump-start on your defense if you are concerned that you may be in breach of the law.

Types of White Collar Crime in Florida

Types of common white collar crimes we defend against are:

• Fraud – Included but not limited to, insurance fraud, medicaid fraud and bank related fraud charges.

• Financial Crimes / Money Laundering

• Identify Theft

• Embezzlement

Medicaid Fraud Defined in Florida

Medicaid fraud is the process of billing for medical services not performed, charging different rates for services typically offered in a package deal, unnecessary referrals to other practices, and running unnecessary tests. If suspected, the Florida Medicaid Fraud Unit investigates the fraud before passing their results over to a prosecutor for a formal review. The sentence is determined by the amount of money obtained in the fraud but every first offense is a felony.

Statute 409.920

Medicaid provider fraud penalties are:
$10,000 or less – felony of the third degree
$10,000 or more, but less than $50,000 – felony of the second degree
$50,000 or more – felony of the first degree

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